One of my favourites!

When the spaceship landed in the garden of 41 Lupin Close, Jack was watering his tomatoes in his dressing gown. He didn’t hear it, as he didn’t like wearing his hearing aid. However, he did notice the smell. At first he thought next door was having a BBQ. But it was eight o’clock in the morning.

On his patio was a glowing orange cylinder, the size of a wheelie bin. At ninety he found the modern world confusing. Had the Council written saying he’d be getting a new recycling bin? While he was thinking about this the cylinder opened and the alien appeared. At first they stared at each other. Jack assumed it as an eye. He looked down embarrassed. His slippers were wet; the watering can having fallen out of his hand.

The alien appeared to be agitated. Jack watched. It emitted bleeps, whines nd flashes until something cleared in Jack’s ears and he heard, ‘Is this Lupinois sector 41?’

He felt a bit silly but said, ‘No Lupin Close, Addlestone,’ and then added, ‘Earth.’

The alien fizzed. It sounded a lot like swearing.

Jack decided not mention today to Social Services. They’d say he was going senile.