This story comes from a time when education  involved physical  punishment – the cane and ruler. I don’t know what other indignities the boys put up with in their showers, but I bet it involved flicking  towels.

Another form of sadism we all went through was making the girls and boys strip to their PE kit and learn Scottish country dancing together in the girls gym. 

How Carter and Mandy ever -‘got it on,’ after that is a testament to the curiosity of youth.

Ah, the good old days!

Pandemonium  reigned as Mr Pye entered the classroom. Thwack! The wooden ruler hit the desk. Everyone reacted to  the sound, sitting upright, their minds concentrating on the gowned figure as he walked up and down the rows of desks; the ruler slapping in his hand . 

‘What’s today’s topic? Mr  Pye waited.

Silent as sphinxes they sat looking straight ahead.

‘Suddenly we have amnesia, robbing you of the ability to speak, form  sentences- communicate!’ He peered over his silver half-moon glasses. 

They tried to  avoid his gaze.

‘Carter!’ A reluctant figure slid out, ‘and you Mandy – would you care to join us?’

Anticipation filled the sixteen year olds.

‘In front of you we have a range of prophylactics, items that you two, in your hurried and fumbling couplings will have no doubt seen before. I’d like you to demonstrate their uses for the classes benefit.’ Mr Pye watched Carter blow up a johnnie to the delight of the jeering class. Why had the headmaster selected him to teach sex education? In a flash his ruler caught the boy’s head, knocking him off balance. ‘Use it like that, and you’ll have Mandy’s Dad knocking on your door in nine months time.’