This reminds me of a colleague who used to put a different record album behind the goldfish tank each week, to give the fish something new to look at. Can you guess the record? 

Belinda wanted a pet. Her parents had argued about it. In the end they decided to get Belinda something small to start with. Her father would find something suitable from the pet’s corner at the garden centre. One solitary dull fish swam round the tank occasionally darting past the plastic turreted castle, oblivious to the seashells on the bottom collected on a summer holiday. The excitement of getting Bubbles had long been forgotten.

Belinda’s parents argued a lot. The fights usual ending with her father storming out of the front door and driving off. Belinda was unhappy. Then one day she dropped her father’s ignition keys into the tank, to stop him leaving.

Demanding to know where his keys were Belinda pointed to Bubbles’ tank. He put his fingers in the tank and screamed as the water turned red, the pain shooting up his arm. He pulled his hand out, the flesh gone from one finger.

‘What the hell!’ Belinda’s mother stared in horror.

‘Bloody fish has bitten me.’

‘I told you it wasn’t a goldfish when you bought it. You couldn’t even get that right!’

Belinda burst into tears, she screamed, ‘I told you, I wanted a fluffy kitten.’

Answer : ZZ Top Eliminator