The year two nativity play was always a challenge, because every child had to have a part and some years that led to a rather loose interpretation. For example, when Mr Yotomoto’s twins joined the class, Joseph and Mary met a group of bikers on the road to Bethlehem, the twins proudly showing off their mini Suzuki motorbikes. The other members found it difficult to find leather outfits, so it was more like characters from YMCA – cowboys, Indians and  Sharon. She was worryingly very advanced for her age, and insisted on being  Yashimo’s biker chick.

One year baby Jesus witnessed a performance of tumbling tots in the stable, courtesy of the KIA car company’s relocation.

This year’s challenge was a class of twenty girls and only three boys. Female shepherds would send out a positive gender message and the angel could easily be called Gabriella. The inn keepers were cast as girls running a trendy boutique hotel. But two wise men and a young girl? It had unsavoury overtones, so it would have to  be three wise men. That left the problem of Joseph’s sex. Step forward this year’s sponsors, the IVF clinic. Josephine and  Mary had their miracle baby.