The South Downs is an outstanding landscape with its unique geology, flora and fauna. It became a National Park. The new road cutting through the escarpment went ahead despite local opposition, protesters and many hours in committee. From the beginning the road seemed blighted and it soon became an accident black spot. Drivers reported seeing goats crossing the road at night, black cats darting out causing drivers to  swerve; yet there were no houses nearby. More sinister was the micro climate: even on bright sunny days it felt chilly and gloomy. It was prone to black ice and swirling dense fog. When the area was first excavated archaeologists reported finding human bones and ritualistic offerings. Local avoided the rod, saying it should never have been built.

The authorities took the unusual decision to sanctify it and put an end to the tittle-tattle. 

The bishop in full regalia, stood on the platform leading the ceremony. Above the sky turned threatening. Thunder rolled up the valley; everyone waited for the downpour. Suddenly there was a bolt of lightening. The bishop, his arm raised was struck dead.

The authorities closed the road, took up the tarmac and let the ancient forces reclaim Witches’ Hill.