“Apparently ginger is packed with more than forty antioxidants, flushing out toxins and encouraging blood circulation.
But I’m not endorsing it, just in case you have a similar reaction!”

Suzanna was going to spoil herself. Brian was playing golf and wouldn’t be home till the bar closed, no doubt tipsy. She filled the bathroom with honey scented candles, putting out the extra large, white fluffy towels. Suzanna added drops of lavender before slipping into the hot water. She put her hand out and found the plate of fresh root ginger, and placed the vegetable on her face before drifting into oblivion.

The cold water woke her and she noticed some of the candles were spluttering. She wondered how long she’d been asleep. Reluctantly she emptied the bath, threw away the ginger, blew out the candles and wrapped in her towels turned on the lights. Looking in the mirror she was aghast to see her face. It was bloated, blistered and red raw.


She stumbled downstairs searching for the magazine that recommended ginger as a homemade facial. With horror she read – never leave it on your face for more than fifteen minutes.

They key turned in the door. Brian staggered back in horror. ‘What the hell!’ 

A scarlet faced, white swathed apparition rushed at him wailing. He tried to fend off the demon, before suffering a mild heart attack.