I’m not saying this was based on my mother in law … but we did find a lot of empties in her kitchen.

There were twenty-five residents at Sunnyside, occupied mostly by elderly women. They met each afternoon for a glass of sherry. However, it was not long before some were coming down at lunchtime for a nip, just to ease their aches and pains. Empty bottle soon overwhelmed the recycling bin.

When she fell down the staircase, Mabel agreed with her son, it might have become a bit of a problem. She blamed her spectacles. Besides, she reassured him, nothing was broken. She promised to stop drinking sherry.

Each Thursday the ladies were taken to the supermarket, where Mabel and her friends discovered how cheap litre bottles of vodka were. 

Soon the women were drinking vodka like Russian sailors and starting to behave like irresponsible teenagers.

It came to a head when two residents decided to moon – Eric the  Meals on Wheels driver. Luckily only the care manager saw them. Their families were asked to attend a family conference. The elderly ladies thoroughly enjoyed the embarrassment they’d caused.

Alcohol was banned except on Sunday. Mabel asked if they could start a gardening club and everyone was greatly reassured.

The residents however, planned to try their hand at growing cannabis.