Seriously! I bet he’ll join me on the red carpet when someone turns it into a film. Before you say why write a novel, when all along it was a film script, well it’s like this – I thought the novel would be easier to do. (I refer you to my opening line!)

My characters are flawed, but that makes them more human. As I wrestled with them, they seemed to have a life force of their own. We finally came to an agreement. This is the route- it’s up to you how you get me there, and they did- gloriously, shockingly and with one character hoping there’d be a sequel.

Born in Johannesburg now living in England I’ve worked in factories, restaurants, on a newspaper and at a vet’s surgery. I graduated with an Art History/History degree from Nottingham, and worked as a museum curator, arts and museums officer, for a county council as their lottery officer, before finally on the front counter at a police station; a life rich in stories and incident.

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Sometimes it’s  interesting to  know a little bit more about the author

I  decided maintaining a lawn was a full time job so I designed a garden without one. I also wanted to use Corten steel planters and screens and have an ancient giant olive tree in a pot. This is its second year and so far it has delighted us, changing character with the seasons.  

I’m still playing with what flowers to  use in the planters, but now – June the alliums are stunning.

This Thursday I went down to West Dean and took part in a one day course called – Throwing a pot on a wheel. It was more physical than I had imagined. I was exhausted by the end of the day. It was also incredibly messy, though that had a lot to do with my incompetence. I had clay slurry everywhere-on me, my glasses, clothes, floor and even the Ipad screen. However, due to the skill, clarity and patience of the tutor I did come away with 4 pieces. I wonder what they will look like after glazing?  ( The other six were some earlier pieces.) Is it too late to  start a new hobby? The jury is still out.

Jill Murphy – I Has died. The author of the  Worst  Witch series she was the first person to review my book. Her insight and positive words boosted my confidence enormously. I was so chuffed. I wrote to  thank her.

You can read her review and the 23 others I have had, on my book page at  Troubador.